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Why Equipment Leasing Can Be Great For Businesses

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Most businesses with a physical storefront, whether small or established, require small to heavy equipment to execute a wide range of tasks.

The equipment does not only assist businesses in improving their functionality but overall productivity as well. If you are in the construction business and need to buy an expensive piece of machinery, but don’t have sufficient funds to make a purchase, you can partner with a company specializing in construction equipment leasing and get it on lease.

Leasing your equipment instead of buying it outright has significant advantages. Some of them are:

l Lower initial expenditure - The biggest advantage of leasing construction equipment in Florida is that it allows you to acquire assets without digging a hole in your pocket. Because equipment leases usually don’t require a down payment, you are able to minimize your initial expenditure on new machinery. You can get what you require without a large outlay of cash.

l Flexible Terms - Construction equipment leasing companies in Florida offer more flexible terms than buying equipment outright. Also, leases are relatively easier to obtain. This can be a serious advantage if you have a bad credit history or need to negotiate a long-term payment plan to lower your monthly expenses.

l Easy equipment upgradability – Leasing equipment makes it easier for you to upgrade your machinery in a time-effective manner. This also allows you to address the problem of obsolescence of equipment that changes often. (Such as computers and software.) If you are currently using equipment that may become outdated in a short period of time, leasing will allow you to only pay for it as long as it is useful and then just turn it at the end of the lease term with no further obligation.

l Tax Benefits - Lease payments may be deductible and in essence subsidize the cost of the equipment. This allows you to reduce the amount of tax you pay and the net cost of your lease.

Don’t want to overburden yourself? Partner with RR Commercial Lending for construction equipment leasing and take your business to new heights. Call Today: 407-740-5166 or email:

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