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Medical Equipment Leases

Medical Equipment Leases

Apply now and get your medical equipment lease NOW!

Medical Equipment Lease

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Medical Equipment Financing – R & R can provide Medical Device Financing for your practice.  We work with physicians, hospitals, imaging centers, and outpatient facilities, to provide aggressive rates, creative programs and excellent service for their medical device financing. Most medical device finance companies do not have the expertise that you will find at R&R.  

We have worked with many types of medical practices over the years and know a great deal about the needs of doctors, dentists, veterinarians as well as specialty medical provider centers. We help our clients determine the best option.  We offer a straight Equipment Finance Agreement and we also offer very competitive  Medical Equipment Leases. 

Why Lease Medical Equipment? Because leasing medical equipment lowers your monthly payment, retains capital, offers tax benefits and increases billing, allowing you to:

  • Optimize Cash Flow

  • Conserve Capital

  • Improve Budget Planning

  • Save Personal Credit for Personal Use

  • Allow New Equipment to Generate Income and Pay For Itself Over Time

Why R & R Commercial Lending, Inc.? 


Because R & R  is one of the best Medical Equipment Leasing companies in the industry.  We have the expertise and experience in medical equipment leasing to assist our clients. We help our Medical Providers get the financing needed now, not later. Give us a chance to become your Medical Equipment Finance Company.

Need medical equipment now? Get all of the diagnostic, treatment, laboratory and medical office equipment you need, while saving thousands of dollars in taxes and interest. Learn more about our Medical Equipment Leasing program today. It is fast, easy and there’s no obligation!

Application Process For most Applications, the approval process is based on a simple, one-page application. Simply download and complete the application and either sign, scan and email it back to us, or fax it back to us at the fax number. 1-321-233-9936,  including information on the business entity, the equipment being purchased, the cost, and information on the vendor. To learn more about medical equipment financing, call today: 407-740-5166

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What industries does R&R Commercial Lending, Inc. serve with custom fall protection services?

R&R Commercial Lending has nearly decades of experience serving Winterpark, FL and its surrounding areas with financial loan services. We offer Accounts Receivable Financing, Contract Finance Loan, Equipment Leases, Medical Provider Loans, Solar Project Financing, Hard Money Loans, and more!  

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved? 

We are the fastest in town! We do not take a long time to get you approved for a business loan. As long as we have all of the necessary information to determine your eligibility for acquiring a business loan, we then start processing as soon as possible!

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