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Hard Money Loans

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Hard Money Loans

Contract Review

Applying for Hard Money Loans


Hard Money Mortgage loans are not for everyone

however, when applied intelligently, a Hard Money Loan can save your transaction.

Program 1:


Hard Money loans Florida Only.

  • “NO DOCS” No credit    No bank statements    No personal financials

  • Common-sense collateral-based underwriting

  • Foreign nationals and domestic borrowers

  • Residential investment and commercial properties

  • Suitable for Fix and Flip or Fix and Rent

  • 100,000 –  1,000,000

  • 60 months, I/O-    bridge loan providing ample time to implement an exit strategy

  • Up to 60% LTV

  • Highly competitive terms and fees!

  • 9.5% Fixed or 7% ARM for Commercial

  • 9% Fixed or 7% ARM for Investment Residential 

    •  Investment only, not for a primary residence or second home

    • Must be held in an entity such as a corporation or LLC

Before you surrender to a costly hard money lender, call R & R for an affordable quote.

Call: 407-740-5166 or email:

Program 2:

Hard Money Loans USA:

R & R Commercial Lending has helped business owners obtain financing for non-bankable credit loans

since 2007. Now R & R can offer you a nationwide commercial mortgage program through our Hard Money Loans USA program.

What you can expect from R & R’s nationwide hard money program:

  • Loans ranging from $50,000 – $2,500,000

  • Interest-only payments up to 5 years

  • Sensible rates ranging from 9-15%

  • Credit scores of 500+ considered

  • Quick turnaround time – approval notice in 24-48 hours and fast closings

  • No upfront fees*

  • No prepayment penalty

  •  Origination Fees: 2-5 points*

Experience the softer side of hard money for your temporary mortgage needs.

R & R will review each loan on a case by case basis and listen to your story.  This loan is available in most states.  Call to see if your state is approved.

*Depending on credit risk, may require a flat fee

Call today to learn more about our Hard Money Loan Programs: 


We have many other hard money options available.

Call to discuss how R& R can help you with your real estate financing needs.

We also provide other types of short-term collateralized loans and can close quickly.

Some Eligible property types:

  • Office Buildings

  • Office Condos

  • Office Warehouse

  • Light Industrial

  • Convenience Stores (No Fuel)

  • Retail Shops

  • Stand-Alone Restaurants

  • Bars & Taverns

  • Automotive

  • Day Care

  • Dry Cleaner

  • Multi-family 1-4 and 5+

  • Mixed-Use

  • Storage Facility

  • And More…

Click here for more information

Get Hard Money Loans Today

You need a hard money loan, we can help. Don't wait. Apply now.

What industries does R&R Commercial Lending, Inc. serve with custom fall protection services?

R&R Commercial Lending has nearly decades of experience serving Winterpark, FL and its surrounding areas with financial loan services. We offer Accounts Receivable Financing, Contract Finance Loan, Equipment Leases, Medical Provider Loans, Solar Project Financing, Hard Money Loans, and more!  

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved? 

We are the fastest in town! We do not take a long time to get you approved for a business loan. As long as we have all of the necessary information to determine your eligibility for acquiring a business loan, we then start processing as soon as possible!

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